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Coalescentrum Inc. provides Calcium Chloride products that are widely used in ice and snow melting, dust control, food processing, drinking water treatment, and concrete accelerating.


Our Calcium Chloride products are also suitable for the following applications:

ид Oil and gas drilling

ид Tire weighting

ид Brine refrigeration

ид Water defluoridation

ид Pharmaceutical drying agent (desiccant)

ид & other industrial and commercial applications


Our calcium chloride products are manufactured under strictly controlled process to ensure the highest quality and safety.

CLSC implements a higher standard that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D98 - 05 (2013) specification.

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  Ice & Snow Melter

  Dust Suppressant

  FCC Food Grade

  NSF Grade

  Concrete Accelerator

  Oilfield Fluids, desiccant...

  Bulk Industrial Supply

  77% CaCl2 Flake & Pellet

  83-85% CaCl2 Flake & Pellet

  93-95% CaCl2  Flake & Pellet

  CaCl2 Liquids

 CMA & Sodium Formate


 Bromides, Alkali & more

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Oilfield Fluids, Desiccant, Tire Weighting, Brine Refrigeration,

Water Treatment and more applications

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)