Coalescentrum Inc. supplies calcium chloride Concrete Accelerator.

Our products are manufactured under strictly controlled process to ensure the highest quality. CLSC implements a higher standard that exceeds the requirements of ASTM D98 - 05 (2013) specification.

กค Our liquid CaCl2 Concrete Accelerator is a clear colorless liquid with typical concentrations from 28 to 38 percent.

กค Our dry CaCl2 Concrete Accelerator include:

1) 77% dihydrate calcium chloride flake

2) 77% dihydrate calcium chloride pellet

3) 83% to 85% calcium chloride pellet

4) 93% to 95% anhydrous calcium chloride granule

5) 93% to 95% anhydrous calcium chloride pellet


 Calcium chloride added in concrete reduces setting time and allowing concrete to be usable sooner.

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Concrete Accelerateor

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)

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