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Coalescentrum Inc. manufactures and supplies high quality Calcium Chloride products that are widely used in ice and snow melting, dust control, food processing, drinking water treatment, and concrete accelerating.

Our Calcium Chloride products are also suitable for oil and gas drilling, tire weighting, brine refrigeration, water defluoridation, pharmaceutical drying agent (desiccant) and other industrial and commercial applications.

Coalescentrum Inc. supplies 74% to 77% Calcium Chloride Flake, 74% to 77% Calcium Chloride Pellet, 83% to 85% Calcium Chloride Flake, 83% to 85% Calcium Chloride Pellet, 93% to 95% Calcium Chloride  Flake, 93% to 95%  Calcium Chloride Granule and 93% to 95% Calcium Chloride Powder in the following packaging: 1000kg/superbag, 25kg/bag and 50lbs/bag.

Coalescentrum Inc. supplies Liquid Calcium Chloride with concentrations from 28% to 38%. Custom concentrations are available upon request.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of bulk supply is 20 metric tons and above.

As part of our best service, we provide personalized package designs, bags, labels and everything you need to present the unique attributes of your product to your customers.

Bulk Industrial Supply


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