Composite Geonet Drainage System


Quality  Assurance

Our factory has been qualified by the stringent standards of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

ISO9001 Certified

Our Composite Geonet Drainage System consists of a layer of geonet bonded or wrapped between two layers of geotextile.

The core geonet is designed with a three dimensional structure, which provides excellent compressive creep resistance and a great flow capacity. Two porous and tough geotextiles serve separation and



ид Excellent  drainage function

ид High tensile and shear strength

ид Carrying  more than 2,000 Kpa compression load

ид Providing continuous free water flow over long duration

ид Excellent chemical and biological resistance; enhanced UV stability

ид Long service life

ид Easy to install



ид Drainage system for highways, railways, tunnels, underground structures, retaining walls, etc.

ид Roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, sand dune fixation, gabion groins

ид Gardens, sports fields, etc.

Technical data





Product Models

The geonets are made of quality high density polyethylene resins.


Various sizes and specifications.

**We can produce the products in accordance with custom specifications, or specific design criteria.

ISO14001 Certified

filtration functions, and also protect the geonet. The unique multi-layered design makes the product an efficient drainage and reinforcement system.