Textured Geomembranes

HDPE Anti-Skid Sheet

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Our HDPE Anti-Skid Sheets are made of  high density polyethylene by a unique state of art welting, extruding, punching and drawing process. The selection of high quality HDPE is based upon its excellent mechanical properties, high chemical and mechanical durability, along with its superior elongation.

With our special formulation, the products possess increased tensile strength three times greater than normal textured geomembranes do and have better resistance to  puncture and abrasion. The small rounded dots on the surface of the sheet effectively increase interface friction between the sheet and adjacent soils or other materials.

The two sides of the sheets can be manufactured with different resins and different colors based on the specific requirements of the projects.


•High interface friction

•High tensile strength

•Superior elongation 

•High puncture and abrasion resistance

•Excellent chemical, mechanical and biological resistance

• Long service life

•Light weight, easy to install


•Landfills, Waste containment

•Ponds, Canals, Channels, Reservoirs

•Landscape, golf course, sports fields

•Aquaculture and agriculture

• etc.

ISO14001 Certified

ISO9001 Certified