Geomembrane Series

Geomembranes are low permeability plastic (thermoplastic) sheets. Coalescentrum Inc. supplies quality geomembranes, including:

 LDPE Geomembrane

 LLDPE Geomembrane

 EVA  Geomembrane

 ECB Geomembrane

 HDPE Geomembrane

 HDPE Textured Geomembrane

 HDPE Anti-Skid Geomembrane

 PVC Geomembrane

 Composite Waterproof board (Panel)

             (PET & LDPE; PET & EVA; PET & ECB; PET & PVC)

 & more...




A liquid or gas barrier. Containment, anti-seepage, separation, etc..




 Landfilling (liners and covers)

 Waste water treatment

 Basement and rooftop waterproofing

 Roads, highways, railways construction

 Tunnels, dams, canals, ponds, reservoir liners, floating covers and almost all hydraulic applications

 Aquaculture, landscape and agriculture





Various specification, colors, sizes.

**We can manufacture the products in accordance with custom specifications or specific design criteria.