Composite Blind Drain                               

Our blind drains are made of extruded thermoplastic strings. They are designed in four structures: porous rectangle, hollow rectangle, porous round and hollow round. Around the exterior surface, the blind drains are covered with a geotextile infiltration layer.


ид Lightweight

ид High compression strength

ид Great flexibility

ид High porosity

ид Excellent water collection and drain feature

ид Easy installation

ид Without the need for maintenance



ид Drainage system for houses, buildings, roads, tunnels, railways, highways, etc.

ид Soft base embankment, damp-proof

ид Interceptor drain, surface and slope drainage

ид Collection and drainage system of lawns, roof gardens, sports & recreation fields

ид Wastewater treatment, landfills, etc.




Various sizes and specifications.

* We can produce the products in accordance with custom specifications.

ISO14001 Certified

ISO9001 Certified