Our factory was formed in 1987 at the time when the market of the ˇ°new materialˇ± - - geosynthetics started flourishing. For over 27 years of dedicated development and continuous improvement, we have expanded the products from geotextiles into all categories of geosynthetics. Our factory has been qualified by the stringent standards of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

We supply a full line of geosynthetics that are widely used in construction of roads, railroads, pavements, subsurface drainage systems, embankments, RSS, MSE walls, structure waterproofing systems, and environment protection facilities.
































1) Geotextiles

-Nonwoven Geotextiles

ˇ¤ Staple Fiber Needle Punched Nonwoven Geotextile

ˇ¤ Filament Spunbond Needle Punched Nonwoven Geotextile

-Woven Geotextiles

ˇ¤ Filament Woven Geotextile

ˇ¤ Slit-film PP Woven Geotextile

2) Geomembranes

ˇ¤ Geomembrane series

ˇ¤ Composite Geomembrane                                                            

ˇ¤ Textured Geomembrane                                                                            

ˇ¤ HDPE Anti-Skid Sheet (textured)                                                                       

ˇ¤ Composite Cuspated Drainage Sheet


 3)  Composite Geotextile-Geomembrane

 4)  Composite Drainage Products

ˇ¤ Composite Geonet Drainage System (3D)

ˇ¤ Composite Cuspated Drain Sheet

ˇ¤ HDPE Corrugated Pipe (Double-walled)                          

ˇ¤ Composite Steel Corrugated Pipe

ˇ¤ Composite Blind Drain                               


 5)  Geogrids



 6) Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL / Bentonite Mats)

 7)  Other Geosynthetic Products

ˇ¤ Geofibers

ˇ¤ Geomats

ˇ¤ Temperature & Corrosion-Resist Waterproof Sheet

ˇ¤ EVA Self-adhered modified bitumen waterproof sheet

ˇ¤ Water Seal Band

The primary functions of geosynthetics are separation, filtration, reinforcement, drainage and containment. Many roofing, waterproofing and drainage products are made from geosynthetics.

Our geosynthetic products are broadly used in civil, geotechnical, environmental protection, hydraulic and transportation applications, including:

¨¤ Roads, railroads, airports, tunnels, bridges

¨¤ Buildings, parking lots, sports fields

¨¤ Embankments, reservoirs, ponds, canals, dams

¨¤ Landfill liners & covers, waste water treatment

¨¤ Erosion and sediment control

¨¤ Mining, oil drilling

¨¤ Logging roads

¨¤ Farms and livestock traffic areas

¨¤ Aquaculture and agriculture

¨¤ Landscapes, vegetation, green roof, sports fields, etc.